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Threads are for people who can' t program state machines. " So here is one model of a state machine in ten lines of code. I have an interesting problem: I' m exec- ing out to grep to do a quick and dirty search. When grep finds the string it posts a return code of 0 and drops it' s stdout into the tcl pipe where I put it into a tcl string var for further processing. All of this works just fine. Home > tcl exec > tcl exec error Tcl Exec Error. a non- zero value). Some programs, like compilers, use this output channel not only to report errors but to report. If you are familiar with shell programming, there are a few differences to be aware of when you are writing Tcl scripts that use the exec and open calls. You don' t need the quotes that you would put around arguments to escape them from the shell expanding them. I just need to have the TCL script execute it whenever the TCL script is run. The line that is supposed to execute is: exec cmd \ / c E: \ healthvision\ cis5. 8\ int egrator\ bi n\ Daily_ SM AT_ Cycle. Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. The reason for this is that Tcl' s exec has created a pipe for stdout, since the general case of using exec is more likely a construct like set results [ exec.

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    / io] and that the program would run to completion, after which exec would take the output and assign it to the variable. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. Passionate about something niche? Other related question, in tcl is there any inbuilt command that can > be used to grep directories with a particular login like file command? look at the glob and regexp commands:. I have some TcL scripts that run fine from tclsh, but I' m not sure how to trigger them from EEM. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hello, I need to execute a tcl script from a Java Program. But I do not know how to call the tcl Interpreter.

    Can anybody help me? Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q& A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. diff ( and comm) exits nonzero if any differences are found, so you can redirect the output to use them as " did this change? For Tcl you' ll want to use the ` | | : ' idiom to ignore the exit status. exec - Invoke subprocesses. This command treats its arguments as the specification of one or more subprocesses to execute. I have a tcl script. The problem is that I have to call a script that can write something to stderr ( it’ s not a critical failure). I would like to capture stderr and stdout separately in tk/ tcl. Creating Control Structures and Exception Handling The uplevel Command uplevel? The uplevel command executes arg. as a Tcl script in the calling context. If level is given, it specifies the context in which to execute arg. in the same manner as upvar.

    Or is this a tcl speciality to be platform independent by supporting only an 1 byte sized integer as exit code in command channels? : ( my own answer) Its a pity that the Windows platform exit code is strictly reduced from 4 bytes to 1 byte! However, Tcl is also useful as a scripting if it exists. Your workstation may automatically reset this signal Tcl lets you define your own. These problems only occur because both Tcl and the child you can try this out signal action siglist? I am currently writing a bit of code in tcl that is suppose to sit between a scheduling system and a batch processing system to be able to get the scheduling software to fully understand what the batch processing is doing. The problem is that I needed the output from the command to be outputted to. I think the problem is that you have your command name and parameters all in the same variable that' s passed into the exec, so that your program is looking for a command who' s name is the entire command line and not just the command name. Conversely, database errors that occur within PL/ Tcl' s spi_ exec, spi_ prepare, and spi_ execp commands are reported as Tcl errors, so they are catchable by Tcl' s catch command. Again, if they propagate out to the top level without being caught, they turn back into database errors. Hello, I would suggest correcting the open file issue first and then just running " lock003" at the tclsh prompt and see the results. When a process executes the exec system call, the kernel replaces the the code and user data segments of the running process with the code and data segments from a program stored in a file. The process remains the same: no new kernel data structures are allocated, and the process has the same process- ID as before.

    It' s clear that my Tcl writing skill do require some refinment I tested both of your remarks today and I confirm that both scripts now work. I notice something strange while executing the script cli_ alternate. tcl, The log says that it has executed as expected, but still I think there' s some issue there. Error handling in Tcl is provided with the help of error and catch commands. The syntax for each of these commands is shown below. In the above error command syntax. Hi, Could somebody help me in getting exit staus of command in tcl. if it is shell script we can use echo $? right, how can i do that in tcl? thanks in advance. 1 Unlike other UNIX shell exec commands, the Tcl exec does not replace the current process with the new one.

    Instead, the Tcl library forks first and executes the program as a child process. hi, i am using the following code in a tcl script with the TK framework, and i get the above error on executing the file main file. main file - - - -. getting exit code of an executed sipp with tcl. ( with an error) manually in the terminal and the exit code is set to 1 but with exec command from TCL it always. Conversely, SQL errors that occur within PL/ Tcl' s spi_ exec, spi_ prepare, and spi_ execp commands are reported as Tcl errors, so they are catchable by Tcl' s catch command. ( Each of these PL/ Tcl commands runs its SQL operation in a subtransaction, which is rolled back on error, so that any partially- completed operation is automatically cleaned up. Responses to this post are encouraged. On a multiprocessor Solaris machine, when an exec fails, there is a possibility of the failed child not being waited on and{ * filter* } around as a zombie ( defunct process), due to a race condition. The sample script above generated about 33 zombies in one test. Hi, All : Thanks a lot for your kind help with my previous post, which encourages me to ask more questions. : - ) Now I have some questions about the command " exec". info commands tell socket subst lremove open eof tkcon_ tcl_ gets pwd glob list exec pid echo dir auto_ load_ index time unknown eval lrange tcl_ unknown fblocked. POSIX- style permission flags such as 0644.

    If a new file is created, these permissions will be set on the created file. Arguments for constructing a command pipeline. These values have the same meaning as the non- switch arguments to the Tcl exec command. Points at an integer variable that will. To execute a program that can return a non- zero result, you should wrap the call to exec in catch and check the contents of the - errorcode return option if you have an error:. When an interpreter is created Tcl initializes this variable to hold a string giving the current patch level for Tcl, such as 7. 3 with the first two official patches, or 7. 4b4 for the fourth beta release of Tcl 7. Frequently Made Mistakes™ in Tcl Table of Contents. exec doesn' t use a shell. Exec is a Tcl command. Someone might code Tcl correctly, in the sense of being. Tcl_ CreateSlave - manage multiple Tcl interpreters, aliases and hidden commands Tcl_ GetVersion - get the version of the library at runtime Tcl_ RegisterConfig - procedures to register embedded configuration information. 6 Documentation > Tcl Commands, version 8. 8 > exec Tcl/ Tk Applications | Tcl Commands | Tk Commands | [ incr Tcl] Package Commands | SQLite3 Package.